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In the production of metal objects, businesses struggle with few major challenges: balancing economy while reversing the floor size and time, uniformity in quality, over/under-delivery, training and managing the workforce, hazards and accidents, enhancing labor efficiency, etc. Automation resolves most of these challenges while increasing the production speed faster than the eye can see. The robot will function on the basis of programming which instructs in detail the distance, time, and angle at which each robotic limb and joint moves. After successful installation, the forthcoming productivity is greatly enhanced. Specific to each machine’s ability, you can assign them excessive numbers of tasks. The modern choices are largely driven towards flexibility and energy efficiency. Plus, you can store your production data in the cloud for easy accessibility and evaluation. Aside from all of this, robotic machinery holds an upper hand in various other aspects of industrious welding.

Elimination of Hazards:

Workers at a metalworks factory are exposed to extreme temperatures and heavyweights. Such exposures are often subject to accidents and hazards. Even a minor accident can slow down the production line, add up to some compensation to the affected human (if any), call for immediate replacement, etc. Welding, cutting, grinding, and other tasks take place in isolated and protected chambers in an automated production line. This reduces the direct contact of humans with the hazardous areas as well as usual dust and debris arising out of the process. Well calculated programs and their accurate execution eliminates the hazards and improve the quality of work-life among employees.

Reaching hard to reach areas:

A robotic arm can get to the hidden nooks where humans can’t get easily. Aside from speeding up the welding of difficult parts, robots are also better at enduring the sparks and heat while working from underneath or overhead. You can also inspect the welded joints to improve pores, beads, and other defects. The entire assembly is capable of complete rotation, evenness in arc and spot welding, segregating, and palletizing the inventory.

Better returns:

When compared to the capital investment in mechanized welding assembly and incurring labor costs of manual processes, robotic arc welding machine equipment derives greater returns. The scale of production can reach astronomical levels, enhance material handling, address a higher number of pre-bookings, and reduce material wastage. All of this accounts for higher ROI. The business can also freely shelve their products as well as take in customized bulk orders as robots can smoothly handle mass production with the help of programming. An added feather to ROI comes with high precision laser cutting. All in all, the entire automated assembly slopes down the cost curve much quicker than the mechanized structure.

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