DA 300P

Digital AC + DC Hybrid Pulsed TIG Welding Machine. AC+DC Hybrid Pulse TIG Welding Machine Redefining the meanings of “High Quality” and “Ease of Use”

Product Features

  • Easily regulate current via hand torch switch
  • Improve quality at every welding place through a wide variety of welding modes
  • Improve welding performance of thin plates with silent pulse function
  • Improved arc concentration allows for better workability of fillet and butt welding

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  • Improved arc concentration improves overall welding capabilities,from fillet welds to thin plate materials.
  • Several welding modes (Aluminum, Steel, Stainless) that improve held quality.
  • Silent Pulse function impoves thin plate weld material.
  • AC frequency range from 50 ~ 200 Hz improves heat input control.
  • Improved instant arc starts.
  • AC+DC Hybrid mode provides long life for Tungsten electrode.
  • Capable of Standard, Hard, and Soft AC waveforms for high quality aluminum welding.Support for both manual and robotic applications.
  • User-friendly touch panel.\
  • Analog and digital remote pendants optionally available.
  • Improved crater fill repeat function that prevents damage to athe electrode and base material.




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